About D'Onofrio General Contractors

When it comes to complex heavy infrastructure and marine projects, D’Onofrio General Contractors Corp. has the people and processes in place to achieve continuous success. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Company was formed in 1991 by Brothers Jerry, John, and Vincent, but its roots go back to the 1950s when their father, Jerry Sr., operated a concrete masonry business. After he retired and dissolved his company in 1988, his sons, having grown up in the industry, opted to carry on the family tradition of providing quality construction.

Building throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, D’Onofrio General Contractors performs in a number of heavy construction disciplines, each of which is run by a member of the executive management team. For example, the company works on heavy infrastructure projects, such as modernizing generation plants or building power substations, for local utilities such as Consolidated Edison of New York, US Power Generating Co., PSEG and National Grid plc.

This group is led by Assistant Vice President Vincent Leone, who has been with the company since its inception. D’Onofrio General Contractors also works on specialty roofing and building restoration jobs. As a certified roofing applicator working with a line of chemical roofing products and construction sealants from Momentive Performance Materials – formerly known in the construction industry as GE Toshiba Silicones in Asia and GE Bayer Silicones in Europe – the company works on the larger commercial roofs in its region. Secretary/Treasurer John D’Onofrio oversees that department.

In addition, D’Onofrio General Contractors builds marine and harbor structures along the East Coast and has its own fleet of marine construction equipment, including barge-mounted cranes. The rest of the executive management team includes Jerry D’Onofrio, who heads special projects; Vincent D’Onofrio, who handles the company’s finances as controller and vice president; and Harry D’Onofrio, who is a senior project manager and head of IT and development.